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Get a Grip on Your Worry
Dr. Rossman returns to his hometown of Detroit – helping viewers understand the difference between good worry and bad worry, then offering quick and easy steps for turning a bad worry habit into a good one.

Dr. Marty Rossman Eases Worries with New Book

CBS Los Angeles, March 18, 2011

Dr. Rossman talks about The Worry Solution in advance of his special event at UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.


“The Worry Solution” Uses Meditation to Tackle Worrying

 KRON 4, February 27, 2011

Dr. Rossman discusses the survival value of worry and how to know when you have a “bad worry” habit versus a healthy worry habit.


Interview with Roger Cooper

American Health Journal, January 20, 2011

Dr. Rossman explains why he wrote a book about worrying and how to replace a a “bad worry habit” with “good worry.”


Greenbrae Doctor Says Go Ahead and WorryMarin Independent Journal, April 21, 2011

Nature has us wired to worry, so it’s futile to try and stop. But worry is not necessarily a bad thing! This book review distinguishes between the concepts of “good worry” and “bad worry,” as outlined in The Worry Solution.

5 Steps to a Good Night’s

Does Monkey Mind keep you up at night, staring at the ceiling? This article draws from The Worry Solution and other sources, offering tips on optimizing your sleep habits.

5 Ways to Stop Stressing and Become More Confident and Happier

Time Magazine, January 2011

Stress is unavoidable, but there are ways to lessen the burden. Dr. Rossman provides 5 suggestions for managing stress as part of Time’s Guide to Life 2011.

Stress Test

Elle Magazine, January 2011

A chronic worrier road-tests the lessons in The Worry Solution, applying them to a variety of stressful situations and common worries including being late for work, money woes, and relationship problems. Find out how The Worry Solution helps him manage everyday stress!

Books Roundup: Self-Help

USA Today, February 3, 2011

Looking for a nuts ‘n’ bolts guide to dismantling that hamster wheel of worry your brain has erected inside your skull? Dr. Goodwrench, aka Martin Rossman, is standing by. 

How to Break Your Worry Habit

Whole Living Magazine, December 2010

Do you find yourself spinning out of control with monkey mind and catastrophic thinking? Dr. Rossman offers tips for managing stress by breaking a bad worry habit and facilitating a good one. 

Is Worry to Jews Like Cream Cheese to Bagels?

Detroit Jewish News, January 27-Feb. 2, 2011

The Worry Solution is dedicated to Dr. Rossman’s paternal grandparents, Jews who “had a lot to worry about.”


The Huffington Post

Dr. Rossman blogs on The Huffington Post about current issues related to The Worry Solution principles. He shares easy-to-understand explanations, tips, and anecdotes about how to get rid of a ‘bad’ worry habit and replace it with ‘good’ worry.


Spotlight On…Dr. Rossman

Stanford Radio KZSU, February 2, 2011

Dr. Rossman discusses stress, worry, and anxiety before a book-signing event at the Stanford Bookstore.

Joanie Greggains on Health & Fitness

KGO Newstalk AM 810, January 22, 2011

Dr. Rossman discusses the breakthrough brain science explained in The Worry Solution that allows us to differentiate “good worry” from “bad worry” (segment begins at 8:50).

Dresser After Dark

Dr. Michael Ray Dresser, January 25, 2011

Michael Ray Dresser’s Radio Show, Dresser After Dark, has evolved over the years and today features authors and experts from all over the country and worldwide who offer solutions to the listening audience on all types of lifestyle matters, such as dealing with worry and stress. (Scroll down to Jan. 25, 2011)

Health Radio with Dr. Saputo

KEST, January  14, 2011

When we get stuck in our “worry warrior” mentality, we need a new approach. A runaway imagination is miserable. Dr. Rossman teaches an imagery technique to stop this endless worry cycle.

Wide World of Health with Cary Nosler

Talk 650 KSTE, March 6, 2011

Dr. Rossman talks guided imagery, worry, stress, and anxiety with Cary Nosler.

AM Colorado with Dave Ramsey

KFKA 130, March 9, 2011

Interview with Joel Malkin

1290 WJNO Palm Beach, March 21, 2011

Dr. Martin Rossman tells 1290 WJNO that there are ways you can use worry to your benefit, but that “bad worry” can cause stress-related illnesses.